Partner Profiles

Mike Burns, Partner


Mike’s consulting work began with 15 years as an executive director and primary consultant for a nonprofit management assistance organization. While a nonprofit executive he also served as an associate professor of management at the Antioch-New England Graduate Schools of Organization and Management and Environmental Studies.  Since 1994 Mike has supported nonprofits through organizational change and planning particularly with regards to governance, strategic and sustainability planning and preparing for mergers.  Mike graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Marquette University and a master’s degree in nonprofit management with a focus on governance at Lesley College. He also holds a graduate certificate in nonprofit marketing management from the University of Hartford.

Recent client assignments include the following:

  • American Public Health Association: Business Plan Development and Sustainability Consultation: In partnership with the TCC Group, training  was provided for business plan development for its state and regional public health associations and advised APHA on a technical assistance plan to improve the Affiliates’ potential for long-term sustainability.  Engaged members completed their plans.
  •  Nonprofit Board Chair Study: As part of Alliance for Nonprofit Management Governance Affinity Group team, in August 2015 conducted national survey to better understand how nonprofit board chairs perceive their roles in relationship to the board and the community and how individuals prepare themselves for serving as board chairs. Survey responses: 635.
  •  Development of Logic Model: Mike facilitated the Louisville, Kentucky Harm/Heroin Reduction Coalition’s development of a logic model (program indicators) in Louisville, Kentucky.  The completed logic model attracted a significant funder investment that enabled the Coalition to fully implement the pilot project.
  •  Evaluation of Community-Support Release Alternative to Detention Pilot: Mike conducted a process evaluation of six-city project to provide comprehensive community services to support undocumented detainees released while awaiting legal proceedings. Included as a benefit of the project was two evaluation tools and processes for future evaluations.
  •  Merger Process: Mike assessed and facilitated a process that resulted in the linking together of a regional and a community-based shelter for the homeless resulting particularly for the community-based shelter, increased efficiencies and deeper and wider level of services.
  • Board Development: For an arts organization, Mike facilitated a series of board discussions to address historical structural challenges (including a by-laws redesign), improve recruitment, and increase member engagement all resulting in a more effective and responsive governing body.

Mike’s Blogs:
Non-Profit Board Crisis
Non-Profit Business Planning 

Linkedin: Mike Burns
Direct line: 203.508.1462

Kevin McQueen, Partner


Kevin brings extensive experience in corporate finance with a deep commitment to facilitating social change through mission-driven organizations. He joined BWB Solutions in 2001. Kevin is also an adjunct faculty member with the Milano School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy at The New School in New York City, where he teaches finance and business development. Prior to joining BWB, Kevin was an independent consultant, providing management and strategic planning assistance to public and private economic development organizations and financial intermediaries. His extensive experience in the corporate and development finance fields was gained through positions with Citibank, NatWest, and Capital Impact Partners (formerly NCB Development Corporation). Kevin currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Partners for the Common Good and as a director of Community Health Accreditation Partners. Kevin is a graduate of Brown University.

Recent client assignments include the following:

  • Nehemiah Community Reinvestment Fund (NCRF). Kevin led a BWB team that completed a review of the lending strategy and operations for this Sacramento-based development finance affiliate of a national affordable housing developer. The team’s efforts resulted in implementable recommendations regarding NCRF’s loan portfolio, credit policies and guidelines, underwriting criteria, risk management policies and practices, and product offerings.
  • Neighborhood National Bank (NNB). Kevin assisted this San Diego-based community development bank in raising capital investments from philanthropic investors. NNB serves low and moderate-income neighborhoods in by lending to small businesses that provide employment opportunities for local residents. Kevin helped identify potential investors and provide advice on the development of the bank’s investment prospectus.
  •  Virginia Community Capital (VCC). Kevin facilitated a strategic planning session for this Richmond-based development finance intermediary, which led to the pursuit of new lending opportunities including innovative healthy food financing.
  •  Vital Healthcare Capital (VHC). Kevin led a BWB team that provided market research for this start-up impact investment fund, which specializes in financing and development services for healthcare providers and facilities. The team located and recommended potential loan transactions that were consistent with the VHC’s mission and lending goals, and advised the fund’s Chief Lending Officer and Board of Directors on how to create a potential pipeline of loan transaction opportunities.

Selected Publications:

  • “Creative Placemaking and Community Economic Development: Learning from Theaster Gates” in Entry Points: The Vera List Center Field Guide on Art and Social Justice. For a compendium of essays on the field of art and social justice, Kevin penned his reflections on the Dorchester Projects, a cluster of formerly abandoned buildings on Chicago’s South Side that have been renovated into a vibrant cultural locus by artist Theaster Gates.
  • Small Business Development Strategies: Practices to Promote Success among Low-Income Entrepreneurs. With partner John Weiser, Kevin authored a guide that explores the proven small business development strategies and tools used by non-profit organizations to address different challenges in promoting success among entrepreneurs and their businesses. For organizations involved in the economic development field, this publication is a valuable resource for setting up programs to assist new ventures and their owners.
  • Having It All: How Public Radio Stations Can Provide Great Service and Live Within Their Means. With partner John Weiser, Kevin wrote an analysis of how leading public radio stations across the US were combining good financial health with superior audience service. The report makes recommendations that can help public radio stations (and other nonprofit organizations) meet their missions and increase their financial sustainability at the same time.

Linkedin: Kevin McQueen
Direct line: 203.508.1464

John Weiser, Partner


John specializes in working with organizations that strive to achieve social goals together with business objectives.  John co-founded BWB Solutions (formerly Brody Weiser Burns) in 1984 to pursue his vision of using business tools and strategies as a force for social change, after two years with the Boston Consulting Group.  Since then he has helped social ventures, nonprofits, businesses, foundations and public sector agencies create, build consensus around, and implement a broad range of social change strategies.  John graduated magna cum laude in mathematics from Harvard University.  He holds a Masters Degree in Public and Private Management from the Yale School of Management.

Recent client assignments include the following:

  • Partners in Progress Initiative (PIP). John is managing the Learning Community for the Partners in Progress (PIP) Initiative, an initiative of the Citi Foundation and the Low Income Investment Fund.  PIP provides funding to 14 organizations across the US to build out comprehensive community development strategies that integrate housing, transit, child care, and health.  John’s team is responsible for managing the three Learning Convenings, the grantee web site, bi-weekly eblasts, and a TA pool for the PIP participants.
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Together with partner Mike Burns, John managed a governance consulting project for JDRF.  The team evaluated and made recommendations for changes in the structure and charge for Board committees, and for changes in the process for recruitment, nomination and leadership development for Board and committee chairs.  The team also developed recommendations on Board composition and on the self-evaluation process for Board and committees.  Recommendations were accepted and implemented by the Board and management.
  • National Fund for Workforce Solutions (NFWS). John led the BWB team that staffed and facilitated the development of agreements on strategy, budget, governance, and staffing for NFWS in its first three years of operations.  The National Fund was established in 2007 as a funding intermediary by the Casey, Ford, Hitachi and Weinberg Foundations, with support from the U.S. Department of Labor, to strengthen and expand high-impact workforce partnership initiatives across the country. Today, the National Fund supports regional funding collaboratives in 30 communities across the country.
  • National Credit Union Foundation. John facilitated the strategic planning process for two Board meetings, which led to the successful launch and expansion of the REAL Solutions program.  This program assists credit unions to identify and implement credit union products that create benefits for low wealth individuals and that can be provided on a sustainable basis by credit unions.  This program is now being implemented in over forty states across the US.
  • National Home Safety Partnership. John worked with staff from State Farm Insurance, Travelers Casualty and Property Insurance, and Nationwide Insurance to create the National Home Safety Partnership.  This is a coalition of homeowners insurers, city agencies, foundations, and community-based organizations that created a pilot program to make homes safer and to reduce insurance losses in six cities across the US.  Activities include safety education, free home inspections, and long-term, low-interest loans for home repairs.  The pilot program was successfully concluded, and was then expanded to 20 cities.
  • Untapped – Creating Value in Underserved Markets. John is the lead author of this book, which won the “best business book” from the Independent Publishers Book Awards in 2007.  The book offers practical, tested tools companies can use to engage consumers, workers, and suppliers in ways that benefit both business and community.

Linkedin: John Weiser
Direct line: 203.508.1460