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Making It Possible for Capital to Create Lasting Impacts

Foundations and other mission-driven organizations today seek more than just financial returns from the deployment of their philanthropic capital.  These institutions want investments that achieve double bottom-line (financial and social) or even triple bottom-line (financial, social and environmental) returns. Such outcomes are achievable through Impact Investing, strategies that use financial capital to provide a financial return as well as a social impact.

BWB Solutions supports foundations and other mission-driven organizations in making impact investments designed to achieve a financial return and also have a social impact on underserved communities, the environment, and the world by addressing today’s biggest social challenges.  For impact investors, we create and execute investment strategies, underwrite and structure financings, monitor portfolio assets, and develop staff capabilities.  For those seeking impact investments, we develop financial models and projects, analyze market demand, build business plans, and identify potential impact investors.

Some recent projects include:

Appalachian Community Capital (ACC) is a wholesale development finance intermediary that seeks to increase business lending in Appalachia by providing certified community development financial institutions and other high-performing loan funds with new sources of capital. BWB Solutions assisted ACC in creating a strategic vision, financial model and business plan for the capitalization and operational structure needed to launch in 2013. We also supported ACC to identify private sector capital sources, which helped the intermediary meet its initial capitalization goal of $15 million.

Grounded Solutions Network helps promote housing solutions that will stay affordable for generations so communities can stabilize and strengthen their foundation, for good. BWB Solutions is working with Ground Solutions Network to study the feasibility of its Shared Appreciation Loan Fund.  This includes developing a financial model for the Fund, analyzing potential structures for the Fund, and determining both potential demand for loans from the Fund as well as potential sources of impact investment for the Fund.  When completed, our work will enable Grounded Solutions Network to determine whether the Fund is feasible and attractive to investors, and if so, to have a well-developed business plan for use in seeking investments.

Surdna Foundation is one of the oldest family-governed foundations in the United States, and seeks to foster sustainable communities guided by principles of social justice and distinguished by healthy environments, strong local economies, and thriving cultures. BWB Solutions led the development of Surdna’s Program-Related Investing Strategy and Operational Plan and continues to provide assistance in structuring investments, monitoring portfolio quality, and building staff capacities. By using its capital in this way, the Foundation is able tackle specific programmatic challenges through market-based solutions and increase its ability to achieve programmatic results.

Living Cities works with cross-sector leaders in cities to build a new type of urban practice aimed at dramatically improving the economic well-being of low-income people.  For the Living Cities Green Economy Fund, BWB Solutions identified “investable propositions” and determined the feasibility, targets, and structures for an investment fund designed to support environmentally sustainable ventures.  For the Living Cities Catalyst Fund, BWB Solutions is currently underwriting potential investments and assisting in deal structuring.  Our work is helping Living Cities deploy its impact investing capital in ways that meet its social and financial goals while mitigating potential loan risks.