Organizational Effectiveness and Transitions

Nonprofit Crises, Executive Leadership and an Assessment Process to Help Restore an Organization’s Footing

Act Your Age: Organizational Lifecycles: How they Impact your Board

The Board Chair

A Case Study: Do Board Consultants and Funders Have It Wrong?

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Building and Managing New Initiatives

A Place to Grow: Affordable Farming in Connecticut

New Report Explores Shared Equity Homeownership Funding Model

Can a combination of public, private and philanthropic financing, rather than grants, be used to make shared equity homeownership possible?  That’s the fundamental question explored in a new report by Grounded Solutions Network and BWB Solutions, “Assessing the Feasibility of a Shared Appreciation Loan Fund Designed for Long-Term Sustainable Affordable Homeownership.” Freddie Mac partnered with Grounded Solutions Network to produce this report under Freddie Mac’s Duty to Serve plan.  

The latest edition of the Community Development Investment Review, published by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, contains six case studies of the Partner in Progress grantees. John Weiser and Carl Sussman authored five of the six case studies.

Scale Pathways – Bringing Asset-Building Products and Services to Scale
by Carmen Rojas, Marian Urquilla and John Weiser
Practitioners in the field of asset-building across the country are developing innovative approaches to expanding savings opportunities in low-income communities. Unfortunately, these programs and services rarely reach enough scale to transform entire cities, regions, states, or even neighborhoods. This paper is based on insights developed from interviews with practitioners working in the field of asset-building and a meeting conducted by the Living Cities Income & Assets Working Group held on July 26, 2011. With this paper as a guide, funders can better assess the elements of scale best suited for their investments, while practitioners can more effectively design projects for scaling.

Small Business Development Strategies
A nonprofit organization can increase jobs and income among community residents in many ways. In communities where the challenges of connecting residents to mainstream employment opportunities are sizeable, small business development can be an important alternative. Commissioned by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Small Business Development Strategies: Practices to Promote Success among Low-Income Entrepreneurs explores the proven tools used by non-profit organizations to help entrepreneurs succeed. In this newly published report, BWB Partners Kevin McQueen and John Weiser examine various small business development strategies that address different challenges faced in promoting success among entrepreneurs and their businesses. For organizations involved in the economic development field, this report can be a valuable tool for setting up programs to assist new ventures and their owners.

“Part of the Solution: Leveraging Business and Markets for Low-Income People”
Business can be a powerful tool for helping to improve the income and assets of low-income individuals – if a win-win relationship can be crafted. The Ford Foundation’s report “Part of the Solution: Leveraging Business and Markets for Low-Income People” provides success models and analytic frameworks that help nonprofits and funders understand how to work with business as a force for positive social change. Click here for the executive summary and here for the full report.

Conversations with Disbelievers: Persuading Companies to Increase Corporate Involvement

Ford Foundation – Part Of The Solution 

Arm in Arm: Engaged Grantmaking in Local Communities

Strategic and Business Planning

The Theory of Change: A Planning and Team Building Tool

Vision Qualla: Report to Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
BWB worked with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to create jobs and income in ways that draw on, and are supportive of, traditional culture and values. This final report from the project provides a complete description of the process and action plans developed.

Thinking about a Revenue Generating Venture as a Sustainability Strategy for your Nonprofit Organization

The Consultant and Strategic Planning: When Inclusion Matters

Off the Shelf: How to Ensure That Your Strategic Plan Becomes a Valued Tool

“Having It All” BWB’s recent report for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
This report provides public radio stations across the US with a clear analysis of how leading stations were combining good financial health with superior audience service. The report makes recommendations that can help to radio stations to meet their missions and increase their financial sustainability at the same time.

Social Enterprise Bibliography

Social Enterprise Planning: Sustainable Revenue for Nonprofits
A Pocket Guide to Business Planning

How to Create Jobs, Save the Planet and Make Money for your Nonprofit: A Lesson in Developing a Business Plan

Homework Makes a Difference: The NEFC Case Study

Mike’s Blog: Non-Profit Board Crisis