What We Do / Plan

Business, strategic, and merger planning, board development and crisis interventions

BWB is committed to providing the support that increases a nonprofit’s efficiency and effectiveness.  Through our facilitation and research, we work with boards and management to more clearly understand what is occurring within and around the organization, and to set goals and move forward.

BWB’s experienced planning team can lead retreats, review organizational structures, examine financial history, prepare financial projections, conduct cash flow analyses, offer market research and competitor analysis, and identify potential partners.  BWB’s team can also help identify issues, resolve conflicts, and navigate transitions such as mergers.

The end result is a practical working blueprint for the future, which includes:

  • Results-oriented goals and objectives
  • A well-defined strategic market position
  • Earned income ventures
  • New program collaborations
  • Shared services and other cost efficiency measures
  • Potential mergers and acquisitions
  • Organizational roles and responsibilities

Some recent projects include:

American Public Health Association: Business Plan Development and Sustainability Consultation
In partnership with the TCC Group, training  was provided for business plan development for its state and regional public health associations and advised APHA on a technical assistance plan to improve the Affiliates’ potential for long-term sustainability.  Engaged members completed their plans.

Nonprofit Board Chair Study
As part of Alliance for Nonprofit Management Governance Affinity Group team, in August 2015 conducted national survey to better understand how nonprofit board chairs perceive their roles in relationship to the board and the community and how individuals prepare themselves for serving as board chairs. Survey responses: 635.

Development of Logic Model
Mike facilitated the Louisville, Kentucky Harm/Heroin Reduction Coalition’s development of a logic model (program indicators) in Louisville, Kentucky.  The completed logic model attracted a significant funder investment that enabled the Coalition to fully implement the pilot project.

Evaluation of Community-Support Release Alternative to Detention Pilot
Mike conducted a process evaluation of six-city project to provide comprehensive community services to support undocumented detainees released while awaiting legal proceedings. Included as a benefit of the project was two evaluation tools and processes for future evaluations.

Merger Process
Mike assessed and facilitated a process that resulted in the linking together of a regional and a community-based shelter for the homeless resulting particularly for the community-based shelter, increased efficiencies and deeper and wider level of services.

Board Development
For an arts organization, Mike facilitated a series of board discussions to address historical structural challenges (including a by-laws redesign), improve recruitment, and increase member engagement all resulting in a more effective and responsive governing body.