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Winter 2019

In this just released “Inspired Nonprofit Leadership” podcast in which Mary Hiland, nonprofit leadership expert, interviews Mike Burns to explore nonprofit board stages of development.  Mike offers that recognition of board stages helps establish achievable expectations and appropriately and systematically develop.  Click here to listen.

Summer 2018

New report explores Shared Equity Homeownership Funding Model.

Can a combination of public, private and philanthropic financing, rather than grants, be used to make shared equity homeownership possible?

Kevin McQueen and Emily Thaden of Grounded Solutions report on “Assessing the Feasibility of a Shared Appreciation Loan Fund Designed for Long-Term Sustainable Affordable Homeownership. Shared Appreciation Loan Fund Report

Summer 2018

Mike Burns and Kevin McQueen, partners at BWB Solutions, and special guest Carla Weil, the Chief Strategy Officer from Capital for Change, the largest full-service CDFI in Connecticut, share their experiences effectively identifying funding sources and raising capital to strengthen an organization and provide more impact in low-income communities. Carla Mannings of Partners for the Common Good and CapNexus moderated the panel. Click here to listen.

Winter 2018

Nonprofit Coach: 3 Experts Take “Deep Dive” Into Strengthening Nonprofit Boards

Mike Burns joins Ted Hart on this podcast to help you maneuver through this economic downturn in the charitable sector to greater levels of efficiency and fundraising success.

Listen to podcast here.

Fall 2017

Successful Nonprofits Podcast: Share Power to Strengthen Your Board.

Are your board leaders struggling to balance power among themselves? Are they not understanding their roles outside of the boardroom? If you answered yes to any of these, listen to Ep. 58 of our podcast as we host Mike Burns and Judy Freiwirth. Mike and Judy share their expertise, which is based on their Nonprofit Alliance study Voices of Board Chairs.

Listen to podcast here.

Summer 2017

Community Development Investment Review

The latest edition of the Community Development Investment Review, published by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, contains six case studies of the Partner in Progress grantees. John Weiser and Carl Sussman authored five of the six case studies.

Summer 2016

Mike Burns discusses the roles and responsibilities of board members in the Summer 2016 edition of “Nonprofit Advantage”.

Many misunderstandings about the roles and responsibilities of board members exist due to the numerous responsibilities that they are dealt. Getting and receiving training, support and assistance is the focus of my “From the Nonprofit Board Chair Seat” column featured in the Summer 2016 Nonprofit Advantage edition.

Winter 2016

The Donaghue Foundation turns to BWB Solutions to support The Hastings Institutes efforts to promote new levels of evidence based innovation.

Mike Burns discusses how a board should introduce new board members to their jobs in the Winter 2016 edition of “Nonprofit Advantage”.

Despite the wringing of hands continuously experienced by nonprofit board members and execs over how to fill the board seats, the fact is, new people do get recruited and elected. On-boarding appears to be the new language referring to how a board should introduce new board members to their jobs. On-boarding is my focus in my “From the Nonprofit Board Chair Seat” column found in the Winter 2016 edition of Nonprofit Advantage.

Winter 2015

Nonprofit Board Chair Study

As part of Alliance for Nonprofit Management Governance Affinity Group team, in August 2015 conducted national survey to better understand how nonprofit board chairs perceive their roles in relationship to the board and the community and how individuals prepare themselves for serving as board chairs. Survey responses: 635. Responses continue to be analyzed this 19th day of October 2015.

Board Chair Research Infographic

Winter 2013-2014

Kevin discusses “The inter-workings of community development and public works projects”, on Research Radio podcast.  

The content covers the emergence of the community development field as a mature industry.  To view this podcast visit Research Radio at The New School

Mike Burns shares his wisdom in “The Nonprofit Quarterly.”

Summer 2013

In the August 15th edition of Nonprofit Quarterly, Mike Burns shares his article, “The CEO As Board Chair,”  In this edition Mike talks about debate “raging” as to whether CEOs should also serve in the position of Board Chair.

NPQ is the nonprofit sector’s leading management journal.


BWB Solutions assist “The Hastings Center” in distributing its new ethical guidelines on palliative and end-of-life care.

Spring/Summer 2013

Over the past few months BWB Solutions has been working with The Hastings Center to help identify the needs, expectations, and specific content interests of medical professionals who provide care to patients facing decisions about life-sustaining treatment and/or nearing the end of life, but who do not think of themselves as “end-of-life” providers through a series of interviews.   This research will form the foundation for the creation of web-based resources and face-to-face programs designed to connect the Guidelines with these new audiences – and change their minds and practices.

The Hastings Center is a nonprofit bioethics research institute founded in 1969.  The Center’s mission is to address fundamental ethical issues in the areas of health, medicine, and the environment as they affect individuals, communities, and societies.


Mike Burns contributes to The Charity Channel’s new book, “YOU and Your Nonprofit Board: Advice and Tips from the Fields Top Practitioners, Researchers, and Provocateurs.”

Spring 2013

Mike Burns has been included as a contributor with two of his articles.  One provides questions that help a nonprofit board think through the process of making program and business planning decisions and the other provides an understanding of organizational stages of development which explain why, at different times, boards behave the way they do.  The Resource for all nonprofits

The Charity Channel is a resource that connects you to your nonprofit colleagues around the corner and around the world.


BWB Solutions takes part in preparing “The Cherokee Foundation’s”  10th Anniversary web-based report.

Fall 2012

The Cherokee Preservation Foundation has announced the development of a new interactive report titled “From Transactional to Transformational” that describes some of the unique challenges of place-based grantmaking on tribal lands and in rural areas and highlights strategies for success that may be helpful to other funders.  John and Kevin assisted in producing this interactive report which draws on lessons the Foundation has learned during its first decade of work.

Cherokee Preservation Foundation is an independent nonprofit foundation working to improve the quality of life of the EBCI and strengthen the western North Carolina region.  The Foundation focuses on cultural preservation, economic development, job creation, and environmental preservation.


BWB Solutions research attracts attention of U.S. Attorney General

Spring 2012

Following three intensive months of facilitating staff meetings, conducting interviews which included US Justice Department staff and pro bono attorneys, and collecting and analyzing reams of data on the flow of unaccompanied immigrant children and the services that are available to them, BWB Solutions developed a  model to support KIND’s (Kid’s In Need of Defense) planning to ensure that legal counsel is provided for all unaccompanied immigrant children.  The resulting model projects the demand for services and approach, costs and resources needed over the next few years.  In a meeting kicked off by the Attorney General this model was presented to the Officials of the White House, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Health and Human Services and the KIND Board of Directors.

KIND assists children who have come to the United States without a parent or legal guardian, and are unable to find or afford an attorney to represent them in immigration proceedings.


Living Cities has recently released a report on “Scale Pathways”,  Co-authored by John Weiser.

Spring 2012

Practitioners in the field of asset-building across the country are developing innovative approaches to expanding savings opportunities in low-income communities.  Unfortunately, these programs and services rarely reach enough scale to transform entire cities, regions, states, or even neighborhoods. This report  “Scale Pathways, Bringing Asset-Building Products and Services to Scale” is based on insights developed from interviews with practitioners working in the field of asset-building and a meeting conducted by the Living Cities Income & Assets Working Group held on July 26, 2011.    With this paper as a guide, funders can better assess the elements of scale best suited for their investments, while practitioners can more effectively design projects for scaling.

Living Cities harnesses the collective power of philanthropy and financial institutions to improve the lives of low-income people and the cities where they live.


John Weiser is excited to be a part of the planning and designing of the 11th Annual Charities@Work Best Practices Conference

Spring 2012

The Annual Charities at Work Best Practices Conference focuses on the trends, best practices and changes in a range of employee engagement programs including volunteerism, matching gift and annual giving programs.  Additionally, guest speakers address issues such as managing international programs and reinvigorating mature employee engagement programs.  This annual seminar gives participants the opportunity to share ideas and network with other professionals and provides an opportunity to stay current on the trends, hot topics and best models of employee engagement initiatives.  To learn more about Charities At Work visit http://www.charitiesatwork.org


The Charity Channel publishes Partner Mike Burns article, “Nonprofit Crises: An Assessment Process to Help Restore an Organization’s Footing.”

Spring 2012

This article discusses the development of a multi-stage Leadership/Management Assessment Process to address a nonprofit leadership crisis.  The CharityChannel is a resource that connects you to your nonprofit colleagues around the corner and around the world.  To view this article click here .


Mike Burns returns as Guest Speaker on Leadership Matters with Dr. G.

Winter 2012

Mike Burns is one of the panelist’s speaking about “Engaging Boards for Greater Visionary Leadership and Support” episode of Leadership Matters with Dr. G.   To listen to this broadcast go to: http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/60220/engaging-boards-for-greater-visionary-leadership-and-support


Mike Burns assist The Orthodox Christian Mission Center  in developing a strategic plan.

Winter 2011

Over the past year Mike Burns at BWB Solutions assisted the Board and staff of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center to develop a strategic plan.  Assistance included the facilitation of planning committee meetings, staff meetings, and assistance with survey/data collection design and analysis.  The planning process resulted in a plan that provides directional commitments and measures for program, management and governance for the next four years.

 The Orthodox Christian Mission Center is the unified outreach effort of the Orthodox communions in the US.   The Center engages volunteers in targeted regions around the world providing service and understanding of the Orthodox faith.


BWB Solutions partners with TCC Group to develop a business plan for APHA.

Winter 2011

American Public Health Association is the national membership organization of public health professionals, students, and agencies.  In 2010, BWB (in partnership with the TCC Group) completed an initiative to build the capacity of the association’s state affiliates in the area of business planning.  Partnering with the TCC Group, we designed a series of webinars that took the participants through the business planning process, and provided individual coaching to the state affiliates on completing their own plans.  Subsequent to this activity, BWB Solutions again partnered with TCC Group to develop a business plan to support APHA’s affiliate services.