If you have any questions or other contribution please post in comments section for assistance. After Unzip the said package, you have to open the unzip folder. The folder contained required XIAOMI POCOPHONE X3 PRO, Flashing Tool and compatible USB Driver as require.

It works, you can plug wired earphones in, and it’s likely one of the more powerful devices released in the last year to actually feature one. Another incredibly useful feature basically unique to Xiaomi devices as well is the inclusion of an IR blaster. The IR blaster allows you to control devices that use an infrared remote, such as TVs and radios.

  • So if you see yourself taking a lot of photos, you may want to consider other options.
  • But if gaming performance is stock firmware ROM your top priority then I think Poco X3 Pro is a better buy.
  • You can easily expect two more major Android updates which are great.
  • Along with the high performance that it offers, the phone’s battery life is quite lengthy as well.
  • This should allow the vast majority of users to get by for one and a half to two days without a power supply.

But, before we move ahead to root the Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro device, we must know the brief Advantages and Disadvantages of rooting your Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro smartphone. We have compelled five different methods in this simple tutorial which will guide you to Root Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro Without PC or With PC, i.e. without TWRP Recovery. As we have shown five different methods, then got the choice. If any process from the below-mentioned process failed due to any reason, then you have other methods that should work for your device. After completing the installation process, it’ll show that the custom ROM has been successfully installed on your device. After the release of Google Pixel devices, the UI of the devices got popular among Android users of other brands. Pixel Experience is a custom ROM based on the UI of Google Pixel devices.

  • If you are decided to buy the POCO X3 Pro mobile, then you should read this first.
  • The main differentiator between POCO and Redmi is that the former doesn’t include as many ads in the interface.
  • I just bought this phone (8 GB/256 GB) to replace my Xiaomi Mi 5 (3GB/64 GB) and I love it.
  • You still get a large phone with a massive battery, and the POCO branding at the back is just as prominent.
  • Overseas, in other markets, this shouldn’t be a problem based on my experience with the Redmi Note 9T.
  • Here’s how the flagships differ and which might suit you best.

While this guide is certainly not for the extremely uninitiated, these steps shouldn’t require a PhD in software development either. Some readers will have no difficulty and breeze through the steps easily.

poco x3 and poco x3 pro difference

It felt a tad too warm but we could easily fix it by choosing a cooler white point using the color temperature wheel. In true Poco fashion, the Poco X3 Pro is the most powerful smartphone in the segment by a mile, without any major corners being cut. The Poco X3 NFC did a good job of recording loudness when using the memo app.